Editorial Illustration
The above illustration was a work for Dr Jestin George, a synthetic biologist and artist, and the designer in residence at ARC Centre of Excellence in Synthetic Biology. Jestin is also a great friend of mine who helped me fall in love with biology + design. This was based on some of the scientific data in a paper by George et al. (2020) about genetically engineering phytoplankton to produce useful compounds from land plants.
Creative Brief
"In my head, I am imagining something quite whimsical and beautiful, not technical/schematic. But in doing so, helps a design audience (without synbio knowledge) better understand the text. I am thinking your style with the Designtist stuff / the style you did for that bio-organism thing a while back / Frank moth sort of style. I have some guiding ideas for certain aspects of the visualisation, but then really the rest needs to be solved visually by you."
Other Iterations